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We're the inventors of SchemeServe!

...and we've been building web-based and financial software since 1995; incorporated as ADM Network Ltd in 2000, we've just grown and grown.

Our development team has decades of experience; our collective portfolio includes Ministry of Defence and stock exchange contracts, a suite of bespoke insurance software and tools specifically built for Insurers to manage Scheme solutions. We host some of the biggest e-commerce websites in the UK, and on behalf of our clients process countless Direct Debits and Credit Card payments each and every day.

We'd also like you to know...

  • Our software and hardware uptime is impeccable. In 2005, we had 100% uptime on our network, software and hardware. That includes all aspects of our websites and software.
  • The ADM team is hand-picked from around the UK for not only its technical flair, but more importantly its understanding of client requirements. We won't let you down, and there will always be someone to talk to you, without blasting you with technical jargon. For every client, we make sustained efforts to understand their company, business and clients.
  • We don't believe web-software should be expensive. In the 11 years since we started, we've learnt how to build enterprise scalable solutions that don't cost the earth.

For more information on our products and services, please visit The ADM Network