Creating White Label Broker Websites

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What are Broker White Label Websites?

Sometimes you may like to create a website for one of your resellers/introducers/representatives, with their logo shown instead of your own, so that they can re-sell your policies as part of their own brand. With SchemeServe, you can do this in just a few clicks.

How to create a White Label website for one of your 'brokers'

Enabling White Labelling

As a Master Administrator, go to the "View Broker" screen by searching for a Broker in the normal way, then click on the "White Labelling" tab and select "Enable White Labelling". This will now set up the broker for White Labelling.

You will need to specify a Logo (this will be scaled to 70px height) and you have the option to include all Schemes, or Customise the list the customer will see (allows you to disable and rename schemes for the purposes of whitelabelling).

You will also be presented with the new URL for your broker to use for WhiteLabelling which will look something like:


This URL is the the address you will need to visit to see the new White Label website. Optionally your broker/reseller can redirect users to this URL (via an HTML link) from their existing website in order to to show a branded experience to their users whilst they buy your policies.