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  1. About Endorsements Tab, Adding/Deleting Conditions or a Memorandum to an Endorsement
  2. About SchemeServe Reporting
  3. Accounting with SchemeServe
  4. Actions for Rating Files
  5. Activating Your Scheme
  6. Add Your Logo
  7. Adding DVLA Lookup to your Questions and Rating
  8. Adding Endorsements to Cases
  9. Adding Excesses to a Scheme
  10. Adding Multipage to a Scheme
  11. Adding Questions To Multipage
  12. Adding Triggers to a Question
  13. Adding Validation to a Question
  14. Adding a Custom Agreement to an Agent Record
  15. Adding a New Question
  16. Adding a Note on an Agent
  17. Adding a Terms of Business file to an Agent
  18. Adding and Editing a Standard Header and Footer for Document Templates
  19. Adding hyperlinks in your Questions
  20. Adding or Editing Questions for a Scheme
  21. Adding time to Inception Dates
  22. Adjusting Cases
  23. AdmScript Language Reference
  24. Advanced Ratings: Conditional Statements and Functions
  25. Advanced Ratings: Rounding Values
  26. Advanced Ratings: Using Formulae
  27. Agent Statements
  28. Agent Users Types and Permissions
  29. Allowing Payments by Invoice
  30. Assigning a Scheme to an Agent
  31. Auditing Changes to Cases including Direct Debit Schedules
  32. Auditing with SchemeServe
  33. BACS AUDDIS / ADDACS / ARUDD Reason Codes
  34. Batch Renewals
  35. Building a Quick Quote process
  36. CSS Template VS Web Content
  37. Cancelling Cases
  38. Case Statuses
  39. Changing Scheme/Case Term Length
  40. Changing the Colour Scheme
  41. Checking for sanctions
  42. Columns in SchemeServe Reports
  43. Commission Chains
  44. Common.js
  45. Conditions for Rating Files
  46. Controlling if Referrals ask more Questions
  47. Copying an Existing Report
  48. Copying schemes
  49. Creating File Lookups
  50. Creating Schemes
  51. Creating Web Pages
  52. Creating White Label Agent Websites
  53. Creating White Label Broker Websites
  54. Creating a Case
  55. Creating a New Document Template
  56. Creating a New Report
  57. Creating a New Staff User Account
  58. Creating a single address line in documents
  59. Creating hidden fields in your questions
  60. Custom Email Authentication
  61. Dates on a Policy
  62. Deferring a Card Payment
  63. Deleting Document Templates
  64. Deleting Excesses
  65. Deleting File Lookup Tables
  66. Deleting Groups
  67. Deleting Reports
  68. Deleting Rules
  69. Deleting Schemes
  70. Deleting an Agent Permanently
  71. Development Mode
  72. Disabling an Agent's Account
  73. Downloading/Backing Up File Lookup Tables
  74. Downloading SchemeServe Rating Files
  75. E cigarette
  76. Edit your Web Pages, Logo, Theme & CSS
  77. Editing Agent User Accounts
  78. Editing Agent account details
  79. Editing Client account details
  80. Editing Document Templates
  81. Editing Email Templates
  82. Editing Endorsements
  83. Editing Excesses
  84. Editing File Lookups
  85. Editing Groups
  86. Editing Insurers
  87. Editing Postcode Lists
  88. Editing Questions/Proposals
  89. Editing Rates
  90. Editing Rules
  91. Editing Schemes
  92. Editing Useful Documents on your homepage
  93. Editing Your Web Pages including "About Us"
  94. Editing a Staff User Account
  95. Editing an Existing Report
  96. Editing and Creating Rules
  97. Editing existing Claims
  98. Enabling Direct Debit
  99. Enabling an Agent's Account
  100. Enabling and Disabling Rules
  101. Endorsements – Adding a New Condition
  102. Endorsements – Adding a New Memorandum
  103. Endorsements – Deleting a Condition or Memorandum
  104. Endorsements – Editing a Condition or Memorandum
  105. Example Ratings for Specific Insurance Types (Life and Public Liability)
  106. Exporting Agent Details for External Use
  107. Exporting Claim Data for External Use
  108. Exporting Client Details for External Use
  109. Exporting Reports
  110. Extensions
  111. Finding a Scheme
  112. Flat Rating: Building Your First SchemeServe Rating File
  113. Formula Columns
  114. Formula Sandbox
  115. Frequently asked questions about due diligence
  116. Generating Invoices, Thank-You Notes and Chase-Letters/E-mails
  117. Generating new Case Documentation
  118. Getting a Quote
  119. Google analytics
  120. Guide:Creating a rule to refer at a specific sum insured
  121. Hiding Schemes from Agent Use
  122. How To set your rules up for the IPT Rate change
  123. How to Add Endorsements with Multipage
  124. How to Add Multipage Dynamic fields in Documents
  125. How to Insert an Image into a Homepage Article
  126. How to Insert an Image into a Web Page
  127. How to customise your Get Quote process
  128. How to edit the size/width/height of an inserted image
  129. How to email your staff on refer
  130. How to make reports visible to Agents
  131. How to use Multipage Sum Questions
  132. How to use Triggers in Multipage
  133. Importing Agents
  134. Importing Cases
  135. Importing Client Details from External Sources
  136. Importing Existing Data
  137. Inserting Images into Your Document Templates
  138. Introduction to Rates in SchemeServe
  139. Jumping Straight to a Specific Claim
  140. Jumping straight to a specific Agent
  141. Jumping straight to a specific Case
  142. Jumping straight to a specific Client
  143. Key Questions
  144. Listing SchemeServe Reports
  145. Main Page
  146. Making Notes
  147. Making a Scheme Visible for Agent Use
  148. Making use of aggregation
  149. Managing Direct Debit Schedules
  150. Master Rating: Using Tables and Row Lookup Loops
  151. Mathematical Helper Functions for Ratings Files
  152. Monthly Instalment Calculations
  153. More advanced documents
  154. Multi-Step Ratings: Using Multiple Sections in Rating Files
  155. Multipage
  156. Optimizing your Scheme for Search Engines
  157. Other Options for Document Templates
  158. Permanently Deleting a Case Record
  159. Permanently Deleting a Renewal/Adjustment/New Premium
  160. Populating a Dropdown Box with File Lookup Values
  161. Postcode Perils
  162. Pre-Authorisation only for Card Payments
  163. Preventing mail being marked as spam
  164. Printing and Running Reports
  165. Rating Agents: Tips and Tricks
  166. Rating Modifiers
  167. Rating Modifiers: What they are and when to use them
  168. Reconciliation of Accounts on a Case-by-Case Basis
  169. Reconciling SchemeServe with Your In-House Accounting Software
  170. Recording Claims
  171. Recording a Bank Payment on a Case
  172. Recording a Cheque Payment on a Case
  173. Redirecting from your Existing Website to SchemeServe
  174. Refunding a Payment on a Case
  175. Renewing Cases
  176. Replacing Data in File Lookups
  177. Reporting and Accounting for Direct Debit Payments
  178. Resend Welcome Emails to Agents
  179. Resetting your support Master PIN
  180. Reviewing Case Data from Reports
  181. Rules Tips & Tricks
  182. SagePay
  183. SchemeServe Case
  184. Searching for existing Agents
  185. Searching for existing Cases
  186. Searching for existing Claims
  187. Searching for existing Clients
  188. Setting Conditions in a Report
  189. Setting Payment Collection Dates
  190. Setting an Agent's Commission
  191. Show Social Logins Option On Question
  192. Switching Agent for an existing Case
  193. Switching Broker for an existing Case
  194. Taking Card Payments
  195. Taking a Card Payment on a Case
  196. TermsOfUse
  197. Testing a Lookup Table for a Particular Entry
  198. Types of Reports
  199. Understanding and Using the Graphical Charts
  200. Uploading SchemeServe Rating Files
  201. Uploading existing Case Documentation/Files
  202. User Types and Permissions
  203. Using Custom CSS
  204. Using Custom JavaScript
  205. Using Direct Debit
  206. Using Your Existing Domain Name with SchemeServe
  207. Viewing/Editing your Company details
  208. Viewing/Editing your User Profile
  209. Viewing and Editing Reports
  210. What do Labs/Beta/Production mean
  211. What is a SECCI
  212. When things go wrong
  213. Who Are ADM?
  214. Working with Groups
  215. “Simple Ratings” using the Questions Editor

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