Setting Payment Collection Dates

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Direct Debits will normally be collected on the same day of every month.

Care should be taken however if your first collection date is set to the 31st of the month as this does not exist in every month of the year.

For example if you set your first collection date to 31st August the next payment will be due at the end of September but there is no 31st in that month.

The payment will therefore be taken on the 1st October.

All subsequent payments will then be taken on the 1st of the month.

Special care should be taken with February as it only has 28 days (29 on a leap year), if 31st this is selected as the first payment date in January the next invoice will totally skip February and make the collection on 3rd March.

We strongly recommend making payment dates on the 1st of the month rather than the 31st to avoid these problems.