Searching for existing Cases

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When you are dealing with large numbers of Cases, it is vital to be able to find a single Case quickly.

SchemeServe provides extremely powerful searching capabilities in all areas of the system.

Searching for a Case

Search for Cases

To search for a Case, click on the Cases Tab. You then have 3 choices.

If the Case is new, it will appear in the list of New Cases. Click on the View button to view details of the Case.

If the Case is not new, you'll need to find it using another method.

If you know the Policy Number, you can enter it in the Jump to Policy box and press the search button. If the Case is found, you'll be taken right to it.

The 3rd and most powerful method for finding Cases is via the search box. Enter any combination of Status, Agent, Client, Insurer to retrieve the matching Cases. You can even filter this list by Inception or Expiry date ranges if you so desire.