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Renewals can be made to any On Cover policy where the Scheme is set as a renewable type, at which point you can add or remove levels of cover, increasing or decreasing the cost of the Case at Renewal.
AFAICT you've cvoreed all the bases with this answer!
To Renew a Case, find the Case first of all.
Once you have found the Case, press the View button to be taken to the Case Summary tab on the Case screen.
If the Case is On Cover and the Expiry Date is within 180 days of the current date you will find a button labelled Renew on the right hand side.
Pressing this creates a Renewal at Quotation status.
The Renewal initially has the original term's figures and answers.
These can be tweaked to reflect the risk at it's current status. The previous, historic term remains unchanged.
Once the Renewal is ready, press Save Changes.
The New Renewal record will appear in the Case History drop-down box.
You can now proceed to the Documents tab to create Renewal Documentation where necessary, or to view any Renewal Documentation that may have been auto-generated for you.

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AFAICT you've cvoreed all the bases with this answer!