Reconciling SchemeServe with Your In-House Accounting Software

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You will need to export the “Ledger-Credits” and “Ledger-Debits” reports (as shown in the tutorial below). The data from these reports will then need to be imported into your in-house software system – it's important to note that SchemeServe does not support any specific accounting system and you should talk to your accounting software vendor about how to import data correctly into the system.

Important Notes:

  • Payments made in SchemeServe may not show on the corresponding “Ledger-Credits” report for a months' “Ledger-Debits” report. This is because payments may not be received at the same time as the Case is set up.
  • There may also (for similar reasons) not be an exact match for the number of debits and credits on any existing case in a particular time frame. This may be true even if the customer has paid up-to-date. That means you will either need to: check the balance of Cases on a Case-by-Case basis OR regularly import the month-end Ledger reports into an in-house accounting package.
  • If you would like to better understand the accounting concepts applied in SchemeServe you should speak to your company accounts department.

Exporting Ledger Credits or Ledger Debits Reports

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Click the Reports Tab
  3. Find the Ledger Credits or Ledger Debits Report and Click its' Link
  4. Set the Date Range for the report and then Click the Rerun Report Button
  5. Click the Export Button to export the report as a CSV file

Note: You can also print the report by clicking the Print Button

Video Tutorial

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