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How to prevent your SchemeServe e-mails from being marked as spam

Spam is a big problem for e-mail users and most of the major e-mail providers work hard to filter out Spam mail before the recipient receives it. However, sometimes they filter out e-mail that the user wants to see because of the volumes of mail sent from an address or because they are uncertain of the validity of the e-mail address of the sender.

The way SchemeServe works to prevent your mail from being marked as spam is to use something called an SPF record.

An SPF record is a “Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record” and it works by creating a certificate that shows your e-mail is actually coming from the domain it says it is from.

We have created an SPF record for all SchemeServe sites that are using the “” domain name. However, if you are using a custom domain you will need to create an SPF record with your domain name provider.

E-mail your domain name provider including the following message:

Please create the following SPF DNS txt record for my domain name(s) DOMAINNAME.COM, DOMAINNAME2.COM, DOMAINNAME3.COM, etc.:

v=spf1 a mx ~all

It can take up to 24 hours following your hosting provider making the changes for them to be active with all e-mail providers.

Checking to see if your domain name has the correct SPF record

There is a very useful tool for checking the SPF record of your domain and it's free to use. Just visit:

  1. Then enter your domain name – don't include the www. part of the address
  2. Then click “Get SPF Record (if any)”

Further Tips and Advice

Examples of valid SPF records and how to configure custom SPF can be found here:

AOL Specific Advice

While the popularity of AOL as an e-mail provider has dwindled it should be noted that their spam filters are particularly hard to navigate. If you are having problems reaching an AOL user's e-mail please visit this link and follow the instructions within:

You can also find more general advice about AOL e-mail accounts here:

Office 365 Users

Office 365 requires connectors for inbound / relay services.

If your domain name lists MX records as outlook.office365 or or similar, you'll need to create an inbound connector for Office365. Ask your domain/email administrator when doing this to use the following IP addresses: