Postcode Perils

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Postcode Perils are the results of a lookup with a third party system, primarily on the address, and return details of known flooding, subsidence risk, arson and burglary risks.

Provided to us by Lexis Nexis, its possible that your existing insurers e.g. Argenta, already pay for this service. Its now possible to take advantage of that data directly in your SchemeServe rating. If you don't know if your insurer does, tell us and we'll see if we can find out.

Including Postcode Peril lookup in your rating

You will need a question that contains the postcode you want to lookup. If you have an address question already, you can use that. It doesn't have to be an address question though, a text box is also fine.

Add a new question of type PostCode Perils Lookup, to your question set. You'll probably want to make it hidden since it has no visible display. While it doesn't matter where in your question set it is, we suggest putting it near the address question it relates to so the information is easier to understand when viewing a case later.

Add a command to your rating file to make SchemeServe to the lookup. The command you will need is PostcodePerilsLookup:<name of question with postcode in> <name of the postcode perils lookup question>

Make use of the results in the rest of your rating file as you see fit. Results are made up of the Postcode Perils lookup question name with a number of _addtions. For example: PerilsQ_Flood PerilsQ_Subsidence PerilsQ_Theft