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There are four sets of additional options that can be used for Document Templates: Header and Footer, Auto Generation, Email as Attachment and Document Scope.

These options are all used during the document editing or creation phase prior to saving your changes.

Header and Footer

In order to use a Header and Footer on a document you must already have created the Header and Footer for the Scheme.

To set the Header and Footer tick the appropriate boxes during the editing or creation phase for a document.


You can upload an image to use in the background of each page as a watermark.


After uploading the watermark, you can select which documents us it from inside the document editor.


Auto Generation

You can set your documents to be auto-generated by Any, First Renewal, Adjustment and Renewal. In addition you can then stipulate the Case Status to generate the documents against.

To set the Auto Generation options use the drop down menus during the editing or creation phase for a document.

E-mail as Attachment

If you'd like the document to be e-mailed as an attachment if possible, you can tick the Prefer Attachments box during the editing or creation phase for a document.

Document Scope

If the document is only to be available to certain Cases with certain statuses you can use the drop down menus to set these during the editing or creating phase for a document.


  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Follow the Edit or Create Document Process
  3. Prior to Save Changes edit the Other Options as described above
  4. Click Save Changes

Video Tutorial

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