Inserting Images into Your Document Templates

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You can easily add images to your documents in SchemeServe. These can either be taken from the SchemeServe Server (if you've uploaded them previously) or from your Computer or company network.

Adding an Image to a Document Template

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Click on the Admin Tab
  3. Click the Documents Icon
  4. Find the Document you wish to add an image to
  5. Click the Edit Icon (this looks like a Pen with a Notepad behind it)
  6. Click in the document in the place where you wish to add an image
  7. Click the “Insert/Edit Image” Button (yellow background – two mountains and a sun)
  8. Click the “Browse Server” Button to find a previously uploaded image OR Click the Upload Tab and then Click the Choose File Button to find an image on your computer/network
  9. Double Click the Image (AND if you are using a new image from your computer/network Click the Send it to Server Button, then Click the OK Button after upload)
  10. Click the OK Button to close the Image Properties Box
  11. Click the Save Changes Button to save your changes

Video Tutorial

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