How to email your staff on refer

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SchemeServe allows you create Refer Conditions within the Rule Builder when certain criteria are met such as when a New Quotation is received and this has a very high sum insured or poor claims experience.

These Rules will create a Refer on the Case record which then has to be cleared by a user with suitable access rights.

Extending your referrals Rules to email your staff

It is also possible to configure the Rule in such a way that an email can be generated to a specified email address to notify users that Refers have just been triggered.

To add this extra option on any of your Refers all you need to do is to add a further Action - this is the area on the Right in the Rule Builder

  • Edit the Rule and then select Send Email from the drop down box
  • Enter the email address where you want the notification to be sent
  • Type in the text that you want to appear in the email - this will probably be a similar message to the one that you have which

appears in the Refers box on the Case.

  • Click the Save Icon and thats it, this is fully configured.