How to Add Endorsements with Multipage

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This section explains how to manually add endorsements to a case using the multipage functionality.

You have the option of adding endorsement so they apply to the whole policy or you can add page specific ones.

Adding/Editing Questions – General Process

  1. Log in to SchemeServe as an Adminstrator
  2. Click on the Cases tab
  3. Click case you would like to add Endorsement to
  4. Click Endorsements tab
  5. Select either Policy Endorsements or a specific Page
  6. Select Memoranda or Conditions (Defaults Memoranda)
  7. You can either search for your Endorsement or just click the + button next to it to add
  8. You can edit an endorsement before saving it

NB. To add a manual Endorsement click the first + in the header bar and fill out the details.

Video Tutorial


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