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SchemeServe has at it's heart a powerful dynamic document system. Documents are generated from customer-defined templates which allow incredibly complex forms to be generated containing dynamic policy fields which will insert data that has been input or calculated from the Get Quote process.
That's a mold-breaker. Great thinikng!
To create a new document for a Case, go to the Documents tab and choose a document type from the drop down list.
Clicking on a document displays it for review.
Take care to ensure that any required editable sections have been filled in.
Once you're happy with the document, press Save. If you don't want the document after-all, press Cancel.
Once saved, the document will exist on the Documents tab.
These documents can be shown to or hidden from the Agent by selecting either the cross or tick icons next to the document.
If you want to notify an Agent that documents are ready for collection just tick the Envelope Icon and then select the e mail address where you want a notification letter to be sent.
If you want to delete the document you have created then click on the Bin Icon.

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That's a mold-breaker. Great thinikng!