Editing a Staff User Account

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Please note: This article is for creating accounts for internal staff members only. For agent accounts you should see Editing Agent User Accounts

Editing a Staff User Account

  1. Log in to SchemeServe as an Administrator
  2. Click the My Company Link
  3. Click the Manage Users for My Company Link
  4. Click the Add New Button by the User to Add their Information
  5. Click the Save Changes Button to save the changes

Fields that Can be Edited in A User Profile

  • Name – Including Title, Firstname, and Surname
  • Job Title – Job Title
  • Department – Department in Your Company
  • Telephone – Telephone Contact Number
  • Fax – Fax Contact Number
  • Login – Username for SchemeServe
  • Access GroupThe Level of Access you have to SchemeServe
  • Referral AuthorityThe Level of Referral Required
  • Password – You will need to confirm the new password in the box below
  • Emails – You can add additional E-mail addresses here

Referral Authority Levels

When creating or modifying an internal staff user account, you will be given the option to set a Referral Authority, which is a number between 1 and 10.

When setting up your referral rules in the Rules Builder, your scheme administrator will have had to choose a level of severity between 1 and 10 for each rule. This number is assigned to any referrals later generated via that rule.

Setting a user to have Referral Authority of 10 will mean they can clear referrals of severity 10 and below. Setting their Referral Authority to 2 would mean they can clear referrals of severity 2 and 1 and so on.

Video Tutorial

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