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SchemeServe allows to you create either very simple or very complex Rules that can be run when a Quotation is received or when a Case record changes Status.

These Rules can apply policy Conditions and Memorandums that you may want to automatically apply or only apply depending on responses to your Questions.

You can create Rules to set Rates and Fees that need to be changed from the standard rating in your Questions depending on responses to your Questions.

Rules can be used to trigger automatic Document production which is more specific to a certain Scheme, Insurer or Condition than is possible within Auto Generation in the document template.

Rules can be used to trigger internal Refers – this will generate a different status on the Case when it is received and will allow you to create messages for your Users to inform them why the Case was created with a Refer Status. You can create different levels of Refers and control the level at which your Users can clear these under Permissions.

In all cases a Refer Status must be resolved before the Case record can be updated. Full details of the Refers created and the authorisation to clear these is maintained under the Activity tab on each case record.

Creating or Editing a Rule

Rule Builder in Edit mode

Log in to SchemeServe

Click on the Admin Tab

Click on Rule Builder

Select the combination of Scheme, Insurer, Case Type and Status that you want to create the Rules for – this may take a bit of planning so we would recommend that you take time in this area to fully explore the power of the Rule Builder and how you can use this within your company structure

The Rules screen is split into 2 parts, the left hand side sets the Condition under which the Rule will apply and the right hand side sets the Action that will be carried out

To create a new Rule click on the New Rule button

Click on the '+' sign in the Conditions area and then start to build up your criteria by clicking on the drop downs

Generally Conditions relate to Answers to Questions and what to do with those Answers – that is a very basic format and Rule Builder can deal with extremely complicated combinations

Once you have completed your Conditions click on the '+' sign under the Actions area and then start to build your actions by clicking on the drop downs

Actions is the area where you can set documents to Generate or Refers to be triggered with an associated authority level

Once you have completed your Rule click on the Save icon

Finally, if you want the Rule to be effective Tick the Rule with the first icon, if it is crossed the Rule is currently Disabled

Copying Rules from another Scheme, Insurer, Record Type or Status

You can copy rules you have previously created to a different Scheme, Insurer, Record Type or Status. On the Rules admin screen, there is a link to 'Import from another scheme'. Clicking this will give you the options to select the source and destination scheme, the insurer, the record type and the status. Or you can select to copy rules for all of the insurers, record types or statuses.

Import Rules

Rules Tips & Tricks