Editing Questions/Proposals

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Getting Started

  • Log in to SchemeServe
  • Click on the Admin Tab
  • Click on the Questions Tab
  • Select the name of the Scheme
  • You can now start building the Questions that you want to ask during the Get Quote process. These are normally based on an existing Proposal Form or Statement of Fact.

Adding a new question

  • Click on 'Add a New Question'
  • On the Main tab select the Category of Question. Standard are your normal Questions, Calculation are ones that collect the Sums Insured required and populate the premium Matrix page.
  • Select the Type of Answer from the drop down list
  • Give the Question a System ID – it helps if these describe the Question e.g. AgeOfBuilding, these should be kept as a single word.
  • Add the text to appear for your Question.
  • Help tips and Initial Values can be added

Adding Validation (Limits) to your question

  • Click on the Validation tab and then 'Add Validation'
  • You can now issue warnings if amounts are greater or less than are allowed on your Scheme.

Adding Triggers to make additional questions or pages appear

  • The final tab is Triggers – here you can control if Questions appear or are hidden depending on answers to previous questions.
  • Any Questions that have a trigger have a red border when looking at the Question set.

Saving and Publishing your Questions

  • None of your changes to questions or pages will be published and live until you click 'Publish to Get Quote'

'Simple Rating' with the Questions Editor

Editing a Calculation Question

As a simpler alternative to Conditional Rating, Simple Rating can be used when a Scheme has a simple rating structure with a single set rate applying to an item which does not vary depending on additional criteria.

To set the Rate in the Question, open the Questions Editor and then the Question Set for the Scheme. Locate the Question that you want to work on and click the Edit icon. On the Main tab you can set an initial default value, you may want to use this to suggest a value that should be selected.

To set the Rate click on the Rates tab, you can now enter either a Rate % which will be applied to the Sum Insured to calculate the premium or you can set an In Full amount to be applied.

All Rates that are set in either the Questions Editor or the Conditional Matrix can be altered in the individual Case Matrix after a quote is received - they are all only default values and can be modified as required.