Editing Agent account details

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Your agents can edit some of their own details in SchemeServe. The Master Account holder can edit all the agents details in SchemeServe.

Agents cannot alter commissions, fees, or make notes on themselves. An Agent may not upload their own logo – they must send this to the Master Account holder; this feature is to prevent the use of unauthorized images within your SchemeServe site. Agents edit their details on the My Company page.

You may use the Commissions and Fees section to specify the commissions and charges for an Agent on a per Scheme or per Insurer basis.

Editing Agent Account Details

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Click on the Agents Tab
  3. Find the Agent
  4. Click on the Agent's Link to see their details
  5. Click on the Edit this Agent Link
  6. Click on the Tabs (General/Advanced/Agreements/Assignment/Commissions) to edit specific details
  7. Click the Save Changes Button to save your changes

Video Tutorial

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