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Search for an Agent and press the view option. This opens the Agent account in edit mode.

You'll notice that this screen looks very similar to the My Company page, in fact the information presented in the My Company page and the edit Agent page is visible and changeable by the Agents administrator user via the My Company page when they log in. Not all details are visible and changeable on the Agents My Company page. The Commissions and Fees are not available, nor are the Notes or Bad Agent fields. The Admin reference is also omitted. Agents cannot change their own Logos either. Their logos must be sent to you for inclusion. This is a security feature to prevent unauthorized images appearing on Your site.

On the Agent edit page from a Master Account perspective, you can edit everything. Including the Logo, the Notes, The Commissions and Fees and the Bad Agent field.

A Bad Agent is an Agent who do you longer wish to do business with for possible legal reasons. Setting the Bad Agent flag prevents other Agents from being created with the same Post Code. It's very unlikely that 2 Agents would live in the same post code anyway. This is a security feature to protect you from fraud.

The Commissions and Fees section allow you to specify the amount of Commission and the Charge for the Agent per Scheme or Per insurer.