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Note: This section of the SchemeServe guide takes you through the basic reports and into developing your own reports. To get the most from this section it is highly recommended that you read through each component in order. To help with this we have labelled each section with a number in the “see also” section.

SchemeServe reporting offers three main types of data to the report's viewer.

  • The Standard section is the basic information that is available from any case record that is available on all Schemes no matter how the Scheme has been designed
  • There are also Computed Columns that show premiums, commissions, insurer and risk group information – this data can be calculated using formulae
  • Finally there are the Answer Columns that show the answers to questions on your reports. The list shows all the questions from all schemes on your SchemeServe system (Important Note: Any duplicated question names will only be shown once – thus it is important that all your question names are unique).

  1. Follow the process for editing or creating a report
  2. Click the Columns Tab in the Report
  3. To add a new Column click the Green Plus Button (OR to Edit a Column click in the Row of the Column you wish to edit)
  4. The first Field is the Column Name as it will be displayed on the Report – this allows you to make the report user friendly
  5. The second Field is a Drop Down Menu which lists all the Columns available as well as offering the chance to use a formula select the appropriate option as required (Please Note: You may add as many columns as you like to a report just repeat steps 3-5 as often as required)
  6. Don't forget to click the Save Changes Button when you have finished

Video Tutorial

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