Case Statuses

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Case Statuses

Cases (policies) on Schemeserve will always have a current Status associated with them.

These are shown in the top right hand corner of the case record and use a colour coded system.

To make a manual status change click on the current status, this will then change to a drop down list showing the full list of statuses available.

Some statuses are system controlled and are fully automatic but its is also possible to trigger changes of status by generation of documents.

Additionally, Rules can be created to automatically create documents when a manual change of stsus is made.

These controls help to ensure that the correct documents are produced at a given stage of the lifecycle of a case (such as at renewal) and provide a great aid in document management and system control.

The statuses currently within the system are ;

QUOTATION - This is automatically set by the system when a new quotation is received from a non direct source. No other actions will be performed at this stage, depending on the scheme settings, other than the generation of a quotation request document if you have one of these templates created in your document list.

PENDING/INVITED - This is normally set by the production of either a Quotation Letter on New Business or a rEnewal Notice or Invitation (see Wiki section on Editing Document Templates for details