Adding and Editing a Standard Header and Footer for Document Templates

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You can upload images to be used as a standard footer or header for a document template. These are based on a per scheme basis. Images used for these headers and footers must be 1200 pixels in length or they will not be displayed properly. Talk to your in-house design team or talk to our support agents about how to get the graphic to the correct size.

If you just wish to use your logo – it's easiest to create a blank 1200 pixel wide canvas in Paint (the Windows standard graphics package) and then paste your logo into the centre of it.

Adding and Editing a Standard Header and Footer for Document Templates

  1. Log in to SchemeServe
  2. Click on the Admin Tab
  3. Click on the Documents Icon
  4. Choose the Scheme to use your Header and Footer for
  5. Click the Browse Button next to the Header or Footer
  6. Navigate to the File
  7. Double Click on It
  8. Click the Upload Button to upload the Header or Footer (Note: Uploading a new footer will replace the existing footer)
  9. To Delete a Header or Footer use the Delete Link provided (Note: This can NOT be undone).

Note: To enable a Header or Footer on an individual document you will need to follow the process shown in Other Options for Document Templates

Video Tutorial

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