Adding Triggers to a Question

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You can add “Triggers” to a Question on a Scheme to generate additional questions when an answer causes concern or needs further clarification. You can have multiple triggers for a single question if necessary. To do this follow the general adding/editing questions process then follow the steps below:

Adding Triggers to a Question

  1. Click on the Triggers Tab for the Question
  2. Click on the Add Trigger Link
  3. Set the Conditions for the Trigger (if you need multiple Conditions click the Add Condition Link to add another condition)
  4. To add add any additional triggers click the Add Trigger Link again

Note: Any question with a trigger will have a red border when you view the Question set.

Video Tutorial

Other Examples

If you want to hide a question using a YES/No tick box, the value to enter is 'Checked'

Example: If ERNExempt is Equal To Checked -> Then Hide this question

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