Adding Questions To Multipage

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This section will show you how to add questions and charges to Multipage plus look at all the different types of questions available.

Adding/Editing Questions – General Process

  1. Log into SchemeServe as an Admin user
  2. Click the edit button on the Multipage Question
  3. Go to the Multipage tab
  4. Click add question button
  5. Select question type
  6. Type question Header
  7. Type System ID
  8. Tick Required if this is a must answer question
  9. Choose if you would like this to be a sum question (Click Here for more information on Sum Questions)
  10. Tick Key question if you would like this question to be the page identifier
  11. Repeat to add further questions
  12. Once finished click Save

Please note you can only have one key question.

Video Tutorial

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